We offer a range of support services for your organisation. To find out more or design a bespoke solution for your organisation email contact@alcoholconcern.org.uk

Health and alcohol awareness exercises

Health and well-being stands

An interactive stand hosted by Alcohol Concern in your workplace. A chance for your staff to ask questions and participate in a range of activities to increase their understanding of alcohol and its impact. 2 hours.

Mocktail demonstration and tasting

Demonstration and tasting of 3 seasonal mocktails, combined with alcohol awareness information and answering questions. 1-1.5 hours.

The session includes a range of activities which can be taken as stand-alone units for health roadshows.

Alcohol quiz

Team quiz, ideal as part of a well-being initiative, which will clear up some of those persistent alcohol myths - Is red wine good for you? Is continental style drinking better for your health? Do bubbles really get you drunk more quickly? How long before alcohol is out of your system? Can you drink when pregnant? A lighter way to introduce alcohol awareness to staff. Plenty of time is allowed for questions and discussion and there will be a demonstration of use of web and app based tools to measure consumption. 2-2.5 hours total.

Training for managers

Working with people at risk of alcohol-related harm in the workplace

This one-day training package will give managers the skills to respond appropriately to alcohol-related harm in the workplace. It will equip them with effective evidence-based tools recommended by the Department of Health, NICE guidance and the World Health Organisation.

This training course can be further tailored to client requirements.

Targeted support

Further support for changing drinking

For safety or business critical roles where testing is mandatory, we can provide a reliable, effective breathalyser app that allows your staff to test themselves and take responsibility for their own safety. Where appropriate, the app can provide photo identification for verification.

We would always recommend that this option be implemented alongside a staff consultation process and after discussion with all stakeholders.

We are able to offer an online and app-based CBT recovery programme for staff who would like to make significant changes to their drinking (or achieve abstinence). This is an effective, validated alternative to traditional alcohol treatment, suitable for anyone who does not have the time or lifestyle that enables them to access regular appointments at an alcohol clinic.

Supporting you to create an effective alcohol policy

A bespoke service, tailored to your organisation’s needs and ethos.

Alcohol Concern’s experienced consultant will spend time understanding the impact alcohol has on your organisation. We will find out what you want to achieve, conduct a policy review and carry out staff consultation. Using this data we’ll generate a report for your organisation outlining the next steps to reduce the impact of alcohol on your workplace.

Building on this we will help you to develop and implement a policy that fits your setting, and can provide annual review and update services to ensure that your policy continues to be effective over time.

Plus we can offer:

  • An organisational needs assessment
  • Risk mitigation strategies
  • Bespoke consultancy based on your company’s specific needs

Contact us to discuss your options and design a bespoke solution for your organisation today at [email protected]