Every hour somebody in the UK loses a loved on to alcohol. We are doing everything in our power to make this stop. Tackling alcohol in UK society is complicated and challenging but as the UK's only national alcohol charity we know we are best placed to drive change.

With the funds donated and raised by our supporters we have been able to:

  • Create the one of the UK's most successful behaviour change campaign, Dry January, which in 2017 inspired over 1 in every 6 people in the nation to go dry
  • Persuade the Governments of Wales and Northern Ireland to commit to taking action on alcohol harm through minimum unit pricing
  • Started battles with alcohol companies over their advertising and won, leading to bans on many advertising campaigns
  • Supported local government and public health professionals to develop their knowledge of alcohol issues and implement ways to tackle the issues
  • Work with large UK businesses to develop alcohol in the workplace policies and train around 1,000 employees to deal with alcohol problems every year 
  • Run our busy Press and Communications Department who achieve an average of 6 press mentions about the work of Alcohol Concern each day, resulting in 500 people visiting our website every day.  

Over the next 18 months we building on our success by:

  • Driving Dry January to become a truly global campaign
  • Continuing to lobby national Government on alcohol related issues
  • Stepping up our training programme
  • Shouting out the message that prevention is the only real way to tackle the issue of alcohol in the UK

"Dry January came and went and I decided to carry on.  I ended up amazing myself.  I can’t actually believe I have nearly done a whole year!  I’m quite proud of myself. After going this long without alcohol, I can honestly say I don’t ever want it back in my life and I hope I don’t drink again. I’ve got so much confidence now and I’ve realised I don’t need alcohol."

Join us by making a donation or beginning your fundraising today. Together we can create a UK where alcohol does no harm.