This research was published by Alcohol Research UK before the merger of Alcohol Concern and Alcohol Research UK. 

This survey followed up on the preceding National Surveys (Patton & O’Hara 2013, Patton et al., 2007) exploring the implementation of alcohol screening activity for adult and adolescent patients, with additional focus on older drinkers and people frequently attending EDs for alcohol-related reasons.

Key findings

  • Improved communication between EDs and GPs about alcohol related attendance highlights a move towards multidisciplinary care.
  • There is increased access to Alcohol Health Workers (AHW) or Clinical Nurse Specialists (CNS) via Emergency Departments
  • Almost half of Emergency Departments have strategies in place to tackle frequent attendees
  • There have been overall improvements in routine questioning about alcohol use among adults
  • Routine questioning about alcohol use among U18’s is limited.

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