Join us at our 2018 annual conference, where we’ll be exploring the role that alcohol plays in travel.

Coldra Court Hotel, Newport, 19 September 2018

It’s been more than 50 years since the introduction of the breathalyser, but drink-driving remains a significant cause of injuries and deaths on our roads. Meanwhile, we’ve seen a rise in alcohol-related incidents on planes, with a recent BBC investigation finding that nearly 400 people had been arrested at UK airports in just 12 months as a result of intoxication. Some train operators in the UK have responded to anti-social behaviour by banning alcohol on some routes or at some times of day.

We’ll be looking at recent developments and proposed legislative changes around transport. Delegates will hear from leading experts, including:

• Dr Niamh Fitzgerald, University of Stirling, who will examine the impact of Scotland’s new lower drink-drive limit
• Professor Marcus Munafo, University of Bristol, who will explore how we might change drinking behaviours for the better
• Diarmuid O’Conghaile, Director of Public Affairs at Ryanair, who will discuss drinking and air travel.

Join us to consider how policymakers can strike the right balance between promoting public safety and ensuring our continued freedom to enjoy alcohol in public spaces.

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