Whatever stage of life you are at it’s important to make a will. We all have things we care about, whether it's people, pets, possessions or wishes for the future. Your Will is a way of ensuring that these things continue to be cared for after you've gone.

Making a will is inexpensive and easier than you may think. It can be completed in a few simple steps…

1. Think about who you'd like to include
Making a list of who you'd like to include in your will, such as family members and charities, will make it easier to divide up your estate. If you do wish to leave a gift to Alcohol Concern, be sure to discuss your plans with your family first.

2. There are three types of gifts you can leave to Alcohol Concern: pecuniary, residuary, and specific.
• A pecuniary legacy is a gift of a specified sum of money.
• A residuary legacy is where a person leaves a percentage of their estate, once family members have been provided for, and money owed or other charitable gifts have been deducted.
• A specific legacy is a gift of a particular item, such as antiques, jewellery, toys or paintings for example.

3. Talk to your solicitor
Solicitors are vital for making sure your will is written correctly. If you don’t have a solicitor you can find a list of local solicitors in your area by visiting the Law Society website. But please shop around until you find a solicitor you are happy with.
If you already have a will then it's even easier to leave a gift to Alcohol Concern. It's simply a matter of adding in a small clause using a form called a Codicil.

Your solicitor should be able to provide you with the legal wording needed but if you have any questions, please get in contact with us.

4. Changing your will
If your circumstances change you may change your mind about your will, so it's really important to review your will whenever this happens. Major life changes like marriage, divorce, children, grandchildren, and moving house should all be reflected in it. Once it's complete make sure your solicitor has a copy and store a copy for yourself in a safe place - make sure your executors know where to find it.

5. Let us know so we can say thank you!
Leaving a gift in your will is an enormously kind and generous act, and if you've chosen to remember Alcohol Concern in yours then we'd love to thank you in person. If you'd like to visit us and see first-hand the work your wonderful gift will help continue, please contact us:

Call us: 0203 907 8480

Email us: [email protected]

Write to us: Legacy Giving Team, Alcohol Concern, 27 Swinton Street, London, WC1X 9NW