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'SLOB' is a new theatre performance currently in development. It was originally conceived by actor and performance maker Tommy Murray, ( in collaboration Jonathon Deering, actor, performance maker and composer. SLOB's journey began in 2015 and now with Alcohol Concern the journey has continued in 2016 and into 2017 and beyond! Throughout SLOB's journey ANYONE can donate to Alcohol Concern from this fundraising page! Bottoms Up, Bottles Down!



'SLOB' began to come into the light of the world in March 2015, born in comedy cabaret show in Barcelona.
He was kicked out by his wife and down in the dumps and had to find himself another woman to love him...

In 2016, 'SLOB' was seen at London's Rose Bruford College Symposium and since then he has developed more. His outfit is different to before, now he has dirty sloppy slacks and Slob has changed his ways a little. He is now at home.
However, now his wife has left HIM, and his daughter too. He is still very much down in the dumps, but what is SLOB?


"Some call him 'SLOB', some call him 'DIRT',
some call him 'DRUNK' - all of these hurt.
Raise up your glass, out on the town. Here's to 'the units of beer in a clown.'"

SLOB is a new show that meets clown, sombre songs and the topics surrounding alcohol consumption. Performed by theatre-maker Tommy Murray it is accompanied by live music from the composer Jonathon Deering. This work is a constant collaboration of emerging artists. This show promises to be a heart-warming, hard-hitting and heavy drinking journey into the 'spirit' of addiction. Tommy Murray is currently based in Spain, working with a theatre company, he is writing and re-working 'SLOB' in this time in a rehearsal space with the intention to raise money for Alcohol Concern whilst also hoping to create awareness of the risks of consuming alcohol excessively, though the medium of theatre collaborating across the water with Jonathon Deering based in the UK, until the pair come together and 'SLOB' will hopefully be seen in a theatre near you. Tommy and some of his collaborators have been in the company of those in need of love and help, lost to liquid. The mission is to bring SLOB to new company, audiences the world over, to spread awareness with laughter, song and all the means the show requires in research/development over the coming months.

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SLOB's creator is Tommy Murray a London born, Kent bred performer, writer and theatre maker who trained in Musical Theatre at the BRIT School and in European Theatre Arts at Rose Bruford College of Theatre and Performance. Tommy is currently working in Spain with a touring theatre company. During this time Tommy is developing 'SLOB' with numerous discussions, rehearsals, meetings, music, reading, research and more. One of these means is through collaboration with emerging artists, such as with the great work of composer Jonathon - who will also work as the co-director in this project.

Jonathon Deering is an actor training at Rose Bruford College who is also a composer. Tommy and Jonathon met whist they were both studying Musical Theatre at The Brit School. Deering has worked with the BFI/Hollywood/Cannes Film Festival/NFFTY/TiltShift Festival/Olivier Awards Music Department. You can find more about Jonathon's work, or have a listen at or go to his Twitter page @DeeringJonathon and follow his work to date.


Tommy sees that historically alcohol and theatre are culturally linked. Dionysus, the God of drama in Ancient Greece is also a patron of drinking and wine making. The clown (to which Dionysus is a relation in many ways as a trickster and joker) whether in or out of the theatre played and plays an important role in society in relation to traditions and ritual, a ridiculed character who was often seen as drunk. The rosy red cheeks of a clown, which later could be viewed as simply make up in the circus clown is perhaps rooted deeper in the appearance of alcoholism and depression, looking beyond and behind the painted smile. This historical background and cultural examination of alcohol/theatre was the beginning.

Later the territory of Charles Chaplin (famous for his Tramp character) became an inspiration, he is known for portraying an inebriated character in the Music Hall Theatre (and later in his film The Cure) reflecting the culture of a society which in many ways is still very much present today and is relevant as a focus of the exploration. Tommy and the team aim to uncover historical roots, exploring the culture of alcohol in the past, such as in the Music Hall theatre of the 19th century with the consumption of alcohol and musical entertainment constantly working hand in hand as it remains still in the 21st century. This relationship continues in the modern culture in theatre, at concerts, during intervals and throughout shows.
The link to Chaplin in this work is more closely linked to the way a pianist would have played to accompany silent movies before there was recorded soundtrack. Slob is followed by the sound of music, played live and responding to his actions. Slob is a man of silence, without words, but filled with songs and he drinks along. He drinks alone. He drinks. Too much.

Now seems like the perfect time for 'SLOB'. One man's story, a man who is like many people you may meet, or may know, a person in need of help, help to go on. Follow this page for updates and visit @SlobTheShow on Twitter for tweets/retweets, conversations, photos and more and also search @SlobTheShow on the photo website Instagram.

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"A man's true character comes out when he's drunk"
Charles Chaplin

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Tommy Murray