Kasia Ekiert Self-aware, self-confident, self-disciplined, self-important, self-interested, self-motivated... and self-indulgent; perhaps.

Does our self-focused lifestyle still allow us to see the other person? Of course, it is important to appreciate our own worth, but does it have to conflict with the appreciation of the others?

This year I decided to think about my birthday in a wider context. My main aim is to give. And through giving I will also get.

I've always wanted to do a parachute jump. So, this year I’m giving up on birthday presents and asking for a charity donation to support my skydive instead? My target is quite high - £395, that's why I'd like to ask you to donate as much as you can - every penny counts! Even if you only wanted to invite me for coffee from the machine in the office - spend it better and make a donation to a worthy cause. Even if you weren't planning on giving me anything - maybe my appeal will convince you? Kasia Ekiert