Kelly Bailey Although my brother is still alive at this time, I mourn the person he was before drugs and alcohol swallowed up and spit out his life.

In my mind he will always be my baby brother. The lad with a great sense of humour. The lad who could walk into any room and make friends instantly. And the lad who made everyone laugh !

Will I ever get my baby brother back? I don’t know and that’s the part that scares me the most. I can always hope though that one day he will decide to make new and healthier choices.

Jamie has severe Liver failure due to Alcoholism, hence the yellow colour and swelling to his stomach.We was called to hospital yesterday. Me & my mum was sat in a room whilst the Doctor told us his liver had failed him, infection had set in around his stomach and he couldn't give us a specific time on how long Jamie has left, hours or days?? We broke down..... my baby brother? My mum's son? He is currently having blood transfusions & platelets pumped into into him as his blood is so thin due to it not being able to clot properly. I'm writing this post because I want to try and make people understand the harsh reality addiction has on you & your family ! Will my brother survive? I very much doubt it.. and If he does what's to say he won't go back to the bottle again? but at least we can hold our heads high and say we tryed. Putting this post on was a hard decision so please, please be kind as we are struggling enough. Kelly Bailey