Dry January and Workplaces

1 in 6 people in the nation doing some variation of Dry January. So how many of your employees are already considering it?

Why Take Part?

There has never been a better time for businesses to get involved, and it's a great opportunity. So much can come from the team taking a month off booze together:

  • More energy leading to better performance
  • Reduced absenteeism and lost productivity from alcohol, which are estimated to cost businesses £7.3bn each year
  • Social ties between employees that aren't based around just drinking.
  • A greater understanding of your legal responsibilities as an employer.
  • Plus the ability to raise money for Alcohol Concern and your choice of over 12,000 charities, helping your CSR profile for the causes that matter to you - find out more about fundraising here.

If all that has got you interested, download the workplace pack now to find out how you can get involved.

Looking to Fundraise?

If you’re interested in fundraising we can set you up with a Campaign page for your organisation. That means each of your team can build a fundraising page, join up, and then you’ll be able to see who’s raised the most (a little healthy competition never hurt anyone!). Plus it’ll automatically show you the total you’ve raised for Alcohol Concern across the whole team, so you can see how much of a difference you all made. You can choose to fundraise for another charity in addition to Alcohol Concern, but only the donations for Alcohol Concern will show on your page.

If individuals want to add their fundraising page to the Campaign, then all they have to do is:

  • Log into their fundraising account
  • Select ‘edit page’
  • On the section titled "Campaigns" there will be a dropdown mentioning all available campaigns they can link to based on the charities they are fundraising for.
  • Select Dry January from the list, and select join. 

If this is of interest email us on fundraising@alcoholconcern.org.uk and we’ll help to get you set up.