We reckon you love your supporters as much as we love ours... 

This January show your supporters you care about them and raise funds for your charity at the same time by inviting them to take part in Dry January 2017.

Here at Alcohol Concern we feel happy when our supporters feel positive and healthy. That is why January is our favourite month, all our supporters take a month off booze and reap the rewards.

We know we are not alone in loving our supporters, so we have teamed up with Virgin Money Giving to offer a unique fundraising opportunity for your charity.

If you're interested in hearing more, sign up here.

The Opportunity

What is Dry January?

Dry January is a national campaign run by UK registered charity Alcohol Concern. Dry January supports the nation to take a month off the booze every January. Individuals are supported throughout the month with encouraging emails and an app to help track and monitor the impact being dry is having on their body, mind and wallet.

Patrick is one of our incredible supporters, he took part in Dry January and raised £250 through an online sponsorship page. He said ‘More energy, more cash in the pocket, dropped over half a stone and I helped a great cause! What’s not to like about this?’

Like Patrick our supporters discovered the benefits of a break from alcohol; better sleep, more energy, clearer skin, weight loss, time with no more hangovers to sleep off, the sense of achievement for finishing your month and exercising your will power.

Along with these immediate benefits the break helps everyone take stock and have a good look at their drinking patterns and behaviours and consider ways to changing them going forward.

Our supporters completed the campaign with a healthier relationship with alcohol, the realisation that you’re actually just as awesome without the alcohol, and the feeling of being a bit flush from the money saved.

Some of our supporters donated the money they saved and others collectively raised £40,0000 for our important charity.

Your charity can love your supporters and raise funds at the same time too because the incredible Virgin Money Giving have partnered with Dry January 2017.

A YouGov. Poll told us that 1 in 6 people in the UK attempted to go dry in January 2016. Did any of your supporters make up this statistic? If they did, we have the perfect opportunity for you for in during Dry January 2017.

As Dry January’s fundraising partner Virgin Money Giving will make it possible for everyone signing up through www.dryjanuary.org.uk or through the Dry January & Beyond App. to automatically set up a online sponsorship page and choose to raise funds for Alcohol Concern and their favourite charity. Their favourite charity could be you!

So join us if you love your supporters as much as we love ours and because your organisation shares our vision of a world where alcohol does no harm. And raise much needed funds in one of the quiet times in the year.

If you would like to take up this opportunity suggest to your supporters that they sign up, kick the booze for one month and raise funds. Here is how to do...

How to sign your supporters up

  1. Talk to your fundraising team about the idea and get them on board.
  2. Plan some communications to supporters to tell them about the great opportunity. Alcohol Awareness Week starts on 14th November and that is when we start talking about Dry January, this would be a great time to start planting the seed with your supporters.
  3. Plan and schedule some simple communications on your social media challenges between Christmas and New Year reminding them to sign up at www.dryjanuary.org.uk During the sign up process they will be asked if they if they want to raise funds for Alcohol Concern and their favourite charity. Once they click yes an online fundraising page will be automatically set up for them and a drop down will appear for them to search and select your charity.
  4. Share stories of your supporters and staff enjoying their dry month on social media and watch the donations roll in through Virgin Money Giving.
  5. If the staff team of your charity want to run Dry January in your work place, we would love to send you a pack. Please email your contact details to dryjanuary@alcoholconcern.org.uk

If you're from a charity and want to know more about getting involved, email us at fundraising@alcoholconcern.org.uk or sign up to receive more information.

Campaign Pages

You can create a campaign page for your charity using the Campaign functionality on Virgin Money Giving. This will allow you to group all of your supporters together in one place, see leader boards and see a total for the amount raised for your organisation (so excluding the amount Alcohol Concern receive).

If you're interested you can create the page from your Charity Account on Virgin Money Giving.


  1. Can we use the brand assets of Dry January?

We're happy for you to use our logos as long as you're directing to the official sign up page - https://www.alcoholconcern.org.uk/dry-january-signup. You can download the logo here.

 The brand name Dry January is trademarked therefore creating your own logo for the campaign will not be possible. We are small charity and have worked hard to build our brand and we believe any charity taking up this opportunity will understand and respect that.

  1. Can we share the stories of our supporters taking part in Dry January and shout about how much they have raised on social media and our website?

Yes, we really encourage this. Our vision is that alcohol causes no harm so we want as many stories of people enjoying the break to be shared as possible. Like all charities we are serious and passionate about our cause.  We look forward to working with all the charities taking up this opportunity and thank them for being as serious and passionate about the cause as we are.

  1. What happens if one of our supporters get in touch and asks for advice and is seriously concerned about their or somebody else's drinking?

This could easily happen and we suggest you sign post them to Drinkline. This is a government-run helpline offering free and confidential advice from staff trained on all alcohol-related issues. The number is 0300 123 1110 (weekdays 9am – 8pm, weekends 11am – 4pm).

  1. Is there anyone that shouldn’t be encouraged to take part in Dry January?

Yes, anyone that is dependent on alcohol should not be encouraged to stop drinking completely as it can be very dangerous, or even fatal. They should seek ask advice from their GP.