Dry Humour Cardiff, Friday 13 January 2017.


Since our Dry Humour evenings started in September 2014, we've been able to attract some of the biggest names in British comedy, including Jo Brand, Stewart Lee, Arthur Smith, Richard Herring and Milton Jones.

Comedy and alcohol are frequently paired together here in the UK. Dry Humour nights are our way of showing that this doesn’t have to be the case. After all, 70% of comedians never touch a drop before getting on stage - so if they can perform sober, then the audience shouldn’t need to drink to enjoy it!

We're now delighted to announce that we'll be hosting our next Dry Humour comedy gig in the Welsh capital. Join us at the Gate Theatre, Cardiff on 13 January 2017 for an evening with some big names from the world of comedy, including Tony Law and Suzy Bennett. Compère Rob Thomas will introduce a host of familiar faces and fantastic acts to keep you entertained! 

As part of our Dry January campaign, the event will have an alcohol-free bar selling a variety of non-alcoholic refreshments. You don’t need to be taking part in Dry January to come along of course, so grab your tickets and enjoy an evening to remember without the morning after you’d rather forget!