Dominic is one of our amazing fundraisers who recently completed the Pennine way - north to south – Kirk Yetholm to Edale. 

I was admitted to Hospital on 4th November 2014 in a wheelchair as I could no longer walk by myself. My Doctor had visited me at home and told me that unless I had urgent help I would certainly die very soon.

I was close to total organ shutdown and the medics really didn't expect me to survive.  I had been a heavy social drinker for years, but I had eventually got worse and worse. Almost two bottles of gin/vodka per day had taken its inevitable toll and I’d turned a brownish yellow and had a swollen abdomen.  I’m told I had Wernicke’s dementia too, but I cannot really remember much about it.  Somehow, despite all this and against expectations I eventually pulled through. 

Three of my fellow patients on our 10 bed ward didn't and they died while I was there. All from Alcohol related diseases. I was discharged 6 weeks later and wondered how it was I'd been spared.

I vowed then that I would do my best to live a healthy, happy and active life for whatever time there is left to me.


Dominic O’Grady