At our 2016 conference in Swansea we explored the complex relationship between alcohol consumption and suicide.

Each year in Wales, between 300 and 350 people die from suicide, about three times the number killed in road accidents.

Alcohol use is often implicated in suicides and non-fatal self-harm. A fifth of all suicides are thought to be from people dependent on alcohol, and heavier drinkers are significantly more likely to suffer depression and anxiety.

The one-day conference encouraged discussion of key questions including what exactly is the association between alcohol and suicide, who are the groups most at-risk, and how do we best offer support to family and friends after a suicide.

Conference delegates heard from leading experts in the field, including Dr Eve Griffin from the National Suicide Research Foundation Ireland, Dr Ann John from Swansea University and Dr Roger T Webb from the Centre for Mental Health and Safety, Manchester. 

Please click below for their presentations.

Dr Eve Griffin - National Suicide Research Foundation

Dr Ann John - Swansea University

Dr Roger T Webb - Centre of Mental Health and Safety 

Amy Chandler - University of Lincoln 

Ewan Hilton - GOFAL

Sarah Stone - Samaritans Cymru

Andrew White - Stonewall