Join us at our 2017 conference in Cardiff, where we will examine the close relationship between alcohol consumption and sport.

Cardiff City Stadium, Tuesday, 26 September 2017

There are few things in Wales that unite, motivate and engage people like sport. And whether we’re a participant or a fan, whether we’re celebrating wins or commiserating losses, alcohol usually plays a key role. Many of our major sporting events are sponsored by alcohol companies, and grassroots sports clubs are often reliant on alcohol industry funding and alcohol sales at the bar.

Our one day conference will ask whether it’s time to commit to a new game plan when it comes to alcohol. Delegates will hear from leading experts in the field, including Dr Patrick Kenny from Dublin Institute of Technology and Dr Melanie Kingsland from the University of Newcastle, Australia, who will explore the role of alcohol in sport and encourage discussion of key questions like ‘What makes a healthy, inclusive sports club?’.

This event is now closed. Copies of the presentations can be downloaded here.