You’ve completed Dry January. Whether you found it hard or easy, loved it or couldn’t wait for it to end, we hope it’s got you thinking about your drinking. You might be wanting to go back to how you were drinking before, or you might want to extend your Dry January – or something in between.

Whatever your plans, our alcohol experts have put together some tips to help you going forward.

Just choose the description that sound most like you from the list below.

  1. I want to go back to how I was drinking before

  2. I want to cut back a bit on my drinking

  3. I want to have more control over my drinking

  4. I want to extend Dry January or go alcohol-free long-term

  5. I’ve struggled with Dry January and I’d like some help

  6. I’m worried about someone else’s drinking

Thank you Dry January!

As you probably know by now, Dry January is run by the charity Alcohol Concern. We work all year round to reduce the harms that alcohol can cause, by doing research, campaigning and offering support.

Do you feel better after Dry January? Or is all that cash you saved not drinking burning a hole in your pocket? Anything you donate, big or small, helps us work to save and improve lives.

Donate now.

Why Alcohol Concern?

Every hour, someone in the UK dies as a result of alcohol. And it’s not just those who drink too much who suffer; alcohol is a factor in 1 in 5 of children in need of social care in England, and costs the NHS an estimated £3.5 billion each year. Find out more here.