What Is Alcohol-Related Brain Damage?

Alcohol-Related Brain Damage (ARBD), or alcohol-related brain injury (ARBI), is an umbrella term for the damage that can be happen to the brain as a result of long-term heavy drinking. Over time, drinking too much alcohol can change the way the brain works, and its physical shape and structure. This can bring some very serious consequences, including changes in personality, as well problems with thinking, mood, memory and learning.

If you’re caring for someone with ARBD, these pages will give you the information you need to make sure you understand the condition, and can ensure they have the best possible chance of recovery.

If you need to find out about services local to you, you can search our local services directory for support around a range of alcohol problems, including ARBD. Just scroll to "Alcohol-Related Brain Damage" in the list of categories.

If you’re working in healthcare, social care, housing, the emergency services, or any other field where you meet people with possible ARBD, you may wish to take advantage of our specialist training on how to manage the condition and support some of your most vulnerable clients.

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What is ARBD?

Signs and symptoms of ARBD

Diagnoisis and treatment of ARBD

Discover the road to recovery: practical advice on caring for someone with ARBD

Legal factsheets

Someone with ARBD may not always be able to decide things for themself. Our legal factsheets explain how to deal with that.  

Advance Decision Making

Lasting Power of Attorney 

Using the Mental Capacity Act

Resources for practitioners

ARBD - a quick guide for professionals

Read the report of our focus group of people with ARBD and their carers, talking about their experiences.

We've also run a number of training courses for local organisations on how to better support people with ARBD. For more information about ARBD or about our training courses, please contact [email protected] or call 0203 815 8920.