19-25 November 2018

Alcohol Awareness Week is a chance to:

  • Drive a conversation about alcohol
  • Signpost those who need help to the support they need
  • Call for change at every level - individuals, communities and policy-makers

This year the theme of Alcohol Awareness Week is ‘Change’.

Change is necessary.

Too often drinking is an expectation, not a choice. Across the UK, people are suffering as a result of their own or others’ drinking – and not enough specialist support is available to help them.

Change is possible.

Let’s start by making changes in our own lives; are you drinking too much? Make a change today. For those who need help to reduce their drinking, change is possible too. Properly funded and managed well, the treatment sector can change lives.

Change is happening.

Millions of people choose to drink more healthily or stop drinking each year, and their lives and the lives of those around them change as a result. There’s great practice happening in the treatment sector across the country. And organisations and charities are campaigning for system-wide change so fewer people are harmed by alcohol.

This November, let’s come together to make changes in our own lives, share the tools and support needed to make that happen, call for the change that’s needed and celebrate the change that’s happening.

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Alcohol Awareness Week 2017: Alcohol and families

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Over 800 local authorities, charities and services took part in Alcohol Awareness Week 2017. That makes 2017 the biggest Alcohol Awareness Week ever!

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