Plummet for paul

Ashley Campion

My brother Paul lost his battle with alcohol at only 40 years old on 30th July 2017!

Sara's 30 day no alcohol challenge

Sara Phillips

This is close to my heart, supporting someone I love ❤
I'll be donating to this cause instead of sending out Christmas cards this year.

Plummet for Paul

Jade Campion

To try and give people who are addicted to alcohol a chance in life and to help support their families along the way.

Dry Decemuary

Francesca Soles

In memory of Adam March (Bill)


Kasia Ekiert

I’m jumping in memory of my Dad on the second anniversary of his death. He was struggling with the problems that Alcohol Concern aim to help.

Edinburgh 10k

Joe Morrison

In memory of Stuart Lawrie

Women's 10k

Claire MacLure

I have entered the Women's 10k on June 4th and hope to raise awareness of the dangers of alcohol.

Sherelle's dry January

Sherelle Cramp

If I am going to give up alcohol for a month... it would be nice to know it's helping an alcohol related good cause!!

Jason's Dry January

Jason Selormey

Hi, my name is Jason Selormey. I am a student at the University of Portsmouth and I want to help the cause for Dry January. I not only want to challenge myself but to also challenge my teammates (The Portsmouth Destroyers), friends and family to join me in cutting down drinking or at least helping raise money for a cause that has demolished and harmed so many families and lives. In short, I want to make a difference and this is a worthy way of doing so.

Thanks for your help!


Sandra and Graham Do Dry January

Sandra North

We are determined to show ourselves and the world that we are not dependant on alcohol. If we can also raise some money for a good cause, it almost sounds like a good idea!

Andy's Abstaining in January

Andy Walker

To feel better, to kickstart my New Year fitness campaign and to raise cash for a great cause.

Ed & Izzy Dry-anuary

isobel austin

I mean we love alcohol... so lets give it up and raise some moneyzzzz

The 31 Day Dry Mountain Challenge

Craig Tutin

Fundraising will be a great way to motivate me to complete the 31 days. Once I see that someone lays down their hard earned money to succeed then I have to do it.

Melissa Jenkinson

Melissa Jenkinson

Raising money for a great charity - Alcohol Concern. Anyone who knows me will know how much of a challenge this will be but it is also one very close to me. Any donation, no matter how small will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

You Booze You Lose 2017

Aaron Richards

Having struggled will alcohol abuse I want to make a difference to my life and hopefully yours.

SLOB is Supporting Alcohol Concern

Tommy Murray

Theatre bringing alcohol to the table, to discuss whether it needs to be on it...It is the story of a father, a clown...One man vs alcohol.

One man vs the world - alone. Until YOU the audience arrives!