Alcohol and Dementia

Alcohol, a neurotoxin, can cause damage to nerve cells and blood vessels, leading to brain shrinkage.Read more

Alcohol and Hypertension

Clinical research and studies from all over the world have confirmed regularly drinking alcohol raises blood pressure.Read more

Alcohol and Diabetes

Heavy alcohol consumption is known to contribute to an increased risk of developing some forms of diabetes.Read more

Alcohol and Depression

Depression shares a complex and mutually reinforcing relationship with excessive alcohol consumption.Read more

Alcohol and Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is by far the most prevalent and one of the most lethal cancers for women in the UK.Read more

Alcohol and Cancer

Around 4% of cancers in the UK are directly attributable to alcohol.Read more

Alcohol statistics

Did you know alcohol is 61% more affordable in 2013 than it was in 1980? You can access the latest alcohol statistics here.Read more


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