Investigating the potential impact of changing alcohol product labels

This study investigated what consumers pay attention to on alcohol labels when purchasing alcohol products and the potential impact of changes to current labels.Read more

All night long: Social media marketing to young people by alcohol brands and venues

Read this systematic analysis of online marketing aimed at young people in the UK by selected venues as well as alcohol brands, investigating young people’s engagement and the implications for the current UK advertising Codes of Practice.Read more

Fit for Purpose? An analysis of the role of the Portman Group in alcohol industry self-regulation

Read the report, published 6 July 2018, on the role of the Portman Group in alcohol marketing regulation.Read more

New report calls for overhaul of “ineffective” alcohol marketing regulation

In a new report published today (6 July 2018) a leading alcohol charity is calling on the UK Government to undertake a thorough review of how alcohol marketing is regulated.Read more

Symud Ymlaen: Alcohol a Theithio

Cynhadledd 2018 Alcohol Concern Cymru Gwesty Cwrt Coldra Dydd Mercher, 19 Medi 2018Read more

On the Move: Alcohol and Travel

Alcohol Concern Cymru 2018 Conference: Wednesday, 19 September 2018Read more

Devising and communicating public health alcohol guidance for expectant and new mothers: a scoping report

Read this new research on public health alcohol guidance for expectant mothers.Read more

The hardest hit: Addressing the crisis in alcohol treatment services

This report highlights how severe funding cuts, rapid re-tendering cycles, loss of qualified staff and lack of political support have driven the alcohol treatment sector into crisis.Read more

Adults with autism – are alcohol services meeting their needs?

Alcohol Concern and the University of Bath want to hear from substance misuse practitioners about current provision for people with autism, and the best ways to meet their needsRead more

Family Life in Recovery

Research published on 26 February 2018 shows how the recovery journey of a dependent drinker can markedly improve the lives of their families, for as long as recovery is sustained.Read more

Supporting nurse mentors with alcohol interventions and brief advice

Read this research on supporting nurse mentors to reduce the barriers to implementing alcohol interventions and brief advice in primary care.Read more

Support and policies

Visit this page to find out what you should do if you need support, and to read our ethical and privacy policies.Read more

Public involvement in alcohol research

Read our new report on the key principles behind greater public involvement in our field.Read more

Residential alcohol treatment for older adults

What are older adults' experiences of rehab? Read the research.Read more

Dry January resources

Download your Dry January resourcesRead more

Alcohol and families resources

Find links to all resources created for Alcohol Awareness Week 2017 here #AAW2017Read more

We're hiring!

Five new posts are currently open at the charity formed from the merger of Alcohol Research UK and Alcohol Concern.Read more

Minimum price Q&A

Scotland and Wales will likely soon be introducing a minimum unit price (MUP) for alcohol. But what is MUP? Why is it being introduced?Read more