Lee is a comedian, writer actor and familiar face from the world of British comedy. He decided to get involved with our work as a way to try and curb the rise of alcohol sponsorship, particularly in comedy.

“As an ambassador for Alcohol Concern I’m keen to be part of changing the conversations we are having about alcohol.

“My personal motivation comes from a concern about the growth of alcohol marketing, in particular alcohol sponsorship. I’m a drinker myself and not remotely ‘anti-alcohol’, but today alcohol sponsorship is everywhere.

“Sponsorship makes subtle associations between drinking and simple life pleasures such as watching football, going to a gig or enjoying comedy. In fact seven out of ten people associate a particular beer brand with comedy. When children or young people grow up thinking humour or music or sport are directly linked to alcohol, then I think we have a major problem. When it comes to sponsorship of cultural or sporting events I think it’s maybe time we viewed alcohol the way we view cigarettes. “UEFA Champions League brought to you by Benson and Hedges” doesn’t have the same ring does it?

“I’ve tried, where possible, to protect my work from being used to sell booze but it is incredibly difficult – almost impossible. I’m looking forward to working with Alcohol Concern, to raise awareness about some of these issues.”