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The conversation is changing... 

And then there was an app! 14,000 people used the app to help motivate themselves to stick to the challenge and change their drinkers.
From a small thing done by a couple of people on their own, now Dry January is the new normal. A YouGov survey in early February 2016 reveals that a massive 16% of the adult population attempted to go Dry in January.

Major pub chains announce they are stocking non-alcoholic beer in response to the demand from customers during January.
New research from Royal Free Hospital backs up just how good a month off the booze is for the body; improvements in concentration and sleep patterns, as well as positive impact on blood sugar levels, blood pressure and the liver.

It has been excellent so far. I have had a bad cold and cough to start the year but am fighting the virus with no meds at all. I did a 12.5km run and am happy to report that I could do a much better timing compared to months when I drank. Seriously considering a dry Feb! - Bharadwaj

"THANK YOU!!!!! The app has really helped. I didn't think I could quit drinking. I was all set to attend my first AA meeting at the end of December. (Terrified but I needed to do something about my habitual drinking) I don't drink a lot... but I drink every single day - without fail. No... I DRANK... Your little calendar with its Hell Yeah cups. It gave me the visual reminder that I could do it... one day at a time... and I'm actually doing it! I feel absolutely incredible now.

"Just 2 weeks free of alcohol and my skin is clear for the first time in 30 years! I feel awake, alert. .. alive!
It's like I'm on drugs... natural happy pills... giving me a zest for life that I once had but left behind in my early 20s! It’s incredible... truly incredible. I’m telling everyone and anyone that'll listen.

"And it's all thanks to you and the little calendar app. I never ever want to go back to feeling like a zombie.... dragging my body through the day and pepping up enough in the evening to have another drink. What a sad life.
I feel like I've got a future. 2016 is going to be a FANTASTIC year. THANK YOU.... you wonderful people. I wish I could come and hug you all... you've saved me... and my 3 tiny children.... from a life trapped and most definitely dulled by alcohol." – Caroline

"Thank you Dry January. I've loved the whole experience. I would say it has been life-changing. I don't think alcohol suits me and I think I might just kick it out! I feel like I did in my 20s (I'm 60) when I had loads of energy and was optimistic. My mood is completely different and I actually feel less anxious and certainly not depressed. I'm so happy it's ridiculous. My husband said it’s like living with a new woman. The other morning I opened the curtains and said, "Hello world! What a wonderful day!" I never do that. I'm usually miserable in the morning. So thank you." - Trish

"I am the least likely person to have been able to do dry January, the first week and weekend is the worst but once I had managed to get through a whole tinder date sat with a soda and lime...I knew I could last the rest of the month! I have more energy and think this could be the end of my binge drinking days!!" - Annie Rose Fox