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To bring the campaign to more people than ever before, we partner with Public Health England and create our first ever Dry January radio adverts!

This leads to more people than ever before to take part in the campaign, even politicians like Nigel Farage, who is famous for holding a pint say they are trying the campaign. Because of this, we find that more people than ever have questions about what alcohol is doing to them, so we run more Facebook advice sessions where people can ask questions to our panel of experts. Most of our questions are about sleep, losing weight and general wellbeing.

Alex* said:

"I donated simply because your Dry January campaign seemed like such a brilliant idea, well conceived and judging by news coverage, successful. For a relatively small charity, its positive impact, makes it all the more impressive and worthwhile.

"In my case, I guess I was a little too late to see the benefits of this kind of outreach. Whilst only in my mid thirties, I was diagnosed with ARLD which led to cirrhosis and only through immense luck, was I granted another life as a result of a liver transplant a the end of 2013.

"I just wish that more people - whatever their age - have an opportunity to turn their lives around by quitting alcohol altogether and finding the appropriate help and support to enable them to do so before it's too late." 

*Not his real name.