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Everyone is talking about Dry January. Some people question whether it means hiding away for a month. But we say no, the whole point of a month off is that you’ll have a test at some point, an event or meal out and the trick is, can you turn that drink down? As Prof Matt Field explains, will power is a muscle, it needs exercising. 

So it can help you choose a non alcoholic drink instead but does it have any effect on your body? An article in the New Scientist suggests that it can.

“What you have is a pretty average group of British people who would not consider themselves heavy drinkers, yet stopping drinking for a month alters liver fat, cholesterol and blood sugar and helps them lose weight.

If someone had a health product that did all that in one month, they would be raking it in." - Professor Kevin Moore, Consultant in Liver Health Services, UCLMS

The campaign gets bigger with lots of local authorities and NHS organisations signing up and partnering with Alcohol Concern to promote Dry January in their local areas.

Sheila says “Dry January made me THINK about and TALK about alcohol...I will continue to see it as a treat only! So Thank you for that.”

Gav said “It’s probably a cliché thing to say but I feel amazing. Drinking my body weight in alcohol every weekend and pigging out on takeaways has definitely taken it’s toll. But I’ve not had a drink since New Year’s Eve and now I’m looking at just drinking socially rather than habitually. Especially is I’m gonna stay feeling as fresh as this."

Joy says “Thanks for the continued support. I’m honestly not sure I would of managed it this far without accessing Dry Jan. Feeling great on a Monday morning, for a change!”