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With no budget for any marketing or advertising, Alcohol Concern spends £20,000 building a website where people can sign up to receive email help during the month. We promote the first year of the campaign with a partnership with the Daily Telegraph where AC Ambassador Alastair Campbell talks about his past drinking and columnist Peter Oborne tries out the month off booze. 

A debate about the usefulness of giving up alcohol for a month kicks off. Just what Alcohol Concern wanted.

Lots of people are asking whether it will really make any long term difference though? 

So Alcohol Concern works with alcohol behaviour change expert Dr Richard de Visser from the University of Sussex. He volunteers for free to survey the people taking part in Dry January to see what effect taking part in the campaign has on them.

He finds that six months after the campaign has finished, seven out of ten people have continued to drink less than before. Almost a quarter of the people who were drinking at “harmful” levels before the campaign, are now in the low risk category.

The survey also shows that taking a month off drinking but still going out and doing things, people feel more confident turning down a drink when they don’t really want one.

"Can't believe it's a whole month tomorrow!! Not had a single drop of alcohol, even avoided a Champagne truffle!! Not even thinking about alcohol anymore, have lost, so far, 9lbs in weight and generally feeling much more positive. Thinking maybe Dry February too?" - Vicki

"I definitely won't drink in the same way after this. Going to try to drink only with a good meal which is the time I have missed it most, not just automatically pouring myself a glass every evening." - Ginny