In January 2012, Emily joins Alcohol Concern. She’s decided to give up drinking again this January. Now that she works for Alcohol Concern, even more people want to talk to her about giving up drinking for a month. So instead of talking about what fun (or not) you might have drinking, instead, this sparks off lots of different conversations about the benefits of having a break from drinking – especially after Christmas. These are just the sort of conversations that Alcohol Concern wants to have with people.

So, could we do this on a bigger scale? If we got more people having a break from booze in January, could we get them to be having lots of conversations about the benefits of taking a break? And would they drink less after their month off because actually they enjoyed the break so much?

And Dry January the campaign is born.

Alcohol Concern holds an event in May 2012 with friends and our key partner organisations and tells them that Dry January is coming...