Dry January

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Eight reasons to go dry

Jenna gave up alcohol for good, and saw 8 amazing benefits. Read on to discover how it changed her life for the better.Read more

World Cancer Research Fund UK: Bill's story

After suffering with aggressive bowel cancer, Bill explains why he will be doing Dry January this year!Read more

Hospice UK: "We are here to help people to learn to live again"

Hospice UK helps people with life-limiting conditions to live as well as they can and make every moment count.Read more

Crisis: Dave's story

After sleeping rough for four years, Dave was able to realise his ambitions with the help of Crisis.Read more

British Liver Trust: Clare's story

Clare Hutton shares her experience of life after liver disease, and how the support of British Liver Trust has been a lifeline.Read more

Action for Children: Lisa's story

Lisa shares how Action for Children helped her get back on her feet after drug and alcohol use.Read more

Breast Cancer Now: Kerry's Story

Kerry Rubins took part in Dry January 2017, and successfully changed her drinking habits.Read more

Meet the charities

Learn more about our six partner charities for Dry January 2018.Read more

Jamie's Dry January Story

Read about Jamie's Dry January experienceRead more

Zoey's Dry 2017

We hear from Zoey who's started her Dry YearRead more

Gemma's Dry Blog

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Elizabeth's Dry January story

University student, Elizabeth, tells us about her Dry January journeyRead more

How long does it take to break a habit?

Ever find yourself automatically reaching for a glass of wine when you get in from work...Read more

I feel great!

Why not donate if you're feeling great?Read more

Beyond Dry January: 5 Tips to Help You Make the Most of Life Alcohol Free

January is almost over. You’ve done the month alcohol free. You get to have a drink now. Woo ….?Read more

How to tackle Dry January in London

Give this a read for the best bars in London for Dry January-ers!Read more

Ron's Dry January Story

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Jane's Dry January Story

Read about Jane's Dry January StoryRead more

Nicola's Dry January Story

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Westminster Business School on Dry January

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