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Stories from Dry January 2018

Today we'd like to share some stories from the Dry January class of 2018!Read more

Congratulations! You did it!

You did it! You bid the booze goodbye and kept January dry. Download your certificate and celebrate.Read more

Thank you, I feel great!

Are you feeling great after Dry January? Have you saved money? Why not donate some of what you saved to Alcohol Concern?Read more

Dry January and beyond: What next?

You've finished Dry January. What next? Alcohol experts give their advice.Read more

5 Tips to Help You Make the Most of Life Alcohol Free

January is almost over. You’ve done the month alcohol free. You get to have a drink now. Woo ….?Read more

Beth's story

Beth, who is a member of the Soberistas community, shares her story. For years she struggled with alcohol, but with the wakeup call of Dry January, and the supportive community of Soberistas, she was able to give up drinking for good.Read more

Dry January: a nurse's story

Louise, a public health nurse in recovery, shares her experience with Dry January.Read more

World Cancer Research Fund menu plan: Risotto, portugese custard tarts and virgin sangria mocktails

Check out the final recipe plan from World Cancer Research Fund! This week it's chicken risotto, portugese custard tarts, and virgin sangria mocktails on the menu!Read more

Graham's story

Blogger Graham Wilson shares his experiences with alcohol and its impact on his mental health.Read more

How Dry January could transform your sleep...and your life

Clare Pooley, author of The Sober Diaries, shares how going alcohol-free transformed her sleep.Read more

Five ways to relax without alcohol

Guest blogger Laurie McAllister shares five of her favourite ways to relax without alcohol.Read more

Mandy's Story

Mandy shares her experiences with Dry January, which along with support from the Soberistas community, gave her the motivation she needed to moderate her drinking and choose sobriety.Read more

Dates to dancing: going out sober

Author, Catherine Gray, who quit drinking in 2013, tells us how to hack sober socialising in Dry January.Read more

Menu: Cajun salmon, spiced crumble, and ginger zinger

Liven up your third week of Dry January with these tasty recipes from World Cancer Research Fund!Read more

2018's best books about (not) drinking

Club Soda shares the best books for the new year for those who want to drink more mindfully or go alcohol-free. The perfect Dry January reading list!Read more

The wine-tasting group taking a month off for Dry January

Phoebe Mitchell and Yasmine Sefraoui run Decant Be Serious, a monthly wine tasting and food pairing event in Glasgow. Read on to find out from Phoebe why they won't be running events for the month of January.Read more

City guide: Bristol

Read how the city of Bristol is getting on board with Dry January and get your free Dry January map of the city.Read more

Help, I miss my favourite drinks!

Looking for alcohol-free replacements for your favourite drinks? Dry Drinker shares their guide to help you find something you fancy.Read more

Top fundraiser competition

Win a year's supply of Nix & Kix drinks!Read more

Tina's story

Tina shares her experiences with Dry January, her discovery of Soberistas, and how giving up alcohol for good has changed her life for the better.Read more

Review: "Alcohol-free" spirits

So, do alcohol-free equivalents work? We tested two popular non-alcoholic spirit options, at completely different price points, to find out.Read more

Coping with cravings

After the initial high of the first few days off the booze, when the first flush of motivation starts to wear thin, you might start to feel cravings for a drink. This doesn't mean you've got a problem, it's just a normal reaction to change.Read more

Menu: Lentil shepherds pie, warm almond peaches and bramble cocktails

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