Alcohol: the facts

How much do you know about alcohol? There’s more to find out.Read more

Growing up with an alcohol dependent parent: Jo’s story

"My name is Jo Huey, I’m 42, and I’m an adult child of an alcoholic." Read Jo's story.Read more

SIAS: “They gave me back my son and my future”

"Armed with the training and guidance given by SIAS, I am a better person and a reliable volunteer." Read Ann and Su's stories.Read more

The Hackney Orbit – supporting Kirsty with tailored support

The Orbit Project helped Kirsty and her baby to thrive after struggling with alcohol.Read more

I think my parent drinks too much

If your parent or carer drinks too much it’s important for you to know that you don’t have to cope alone.Read more

How much should I be drinking?

The Chief Medical Officers’ low-risk drinking guidelines are there to help you make decisions about how much to drink, through letting you know what low-risk drinking looks like.Read more

Families affected by harmful drinking

For practitioners: Harmful drinking can cause significant issues not only for the alcohol user, but also members of their family. These families need and deserve support.Read more

Challenging the stigma around alcohol

Family members of people who drink harmfully often find themselves defined by their loved one’s drinking. Let's challenge stigma now.Read more

Alcohol and parenting: what's the best advice?

Should I give my child alcohol? Should I drink around them? How should I talk to my kids about drinking?Read more

Family support services

Harmful drinking can cause significant issues not only for the alcohol user, but also members of their family. If you are affected by your own or someone else’s drinking you need and deserve support.Read more

My big sister: Amy's story

"Aged 28, my sister Carys passed away as a result of the irreparable damage alcohol had caused to her body." Read Amy's story.Read more

Our lifebelt: alcohol services for friends and family in Cambridge

"The service was our life belt, our dry land." Read Gwen's story.Read more

Parents who drink too much

Living with a parent or carer who drinks harmfully is very difficult for a child. But with the right support, family life can improve.Read more

Setting up a family support group

If you are a family member affected by alcohol or drug use, there are sources of local support that you can access. You could consider setting up a group yourself.Read more