Time to look again at alcohol labels

According to the findings of new study from the University of South Wales it's time for us to think again about alcohol labels.Read more

News roundup: July 2018

Calls for review of alcohol marketing regulation, a cider slump in Scotland, and a new initiative to deter drunk flyers are just a few of the stories in this month's roundup.Read more

Simon cycles: Ride 100 for Alcohol Concern

In July 2018 Simon took on the Ride 100 - in what turned out to be one of the wettest 'dry challenges' ever.Read more

I love beer... Or do I just love alcohol?

Perhaps surprisingly for someone who works for Alcohol Concern, Andrew loves beer. Or does he just love the alcohol?Read more

#DryEighteen: Half-way there

Rob gave up alcohol for 2018. How's he getting on six months in?Read more


On 11 July Adfam launches #StigmaMakesMeFeel - an online campaign which will see 1000 people explaining how stigma has made them feel, and how it's impacted on their lives. Read the guest blog from Adfam's Robert Stebbings.Read more

Marking its own homework: why alcohol marketing regulation needs to change

About a year ago we set out to investigate alcohol marketing regulation in the UK, specifically the Portman Group's area of responsibility. What we found wasn't great.Read more

News roundup: June 2018

This month in the news: consultation into alcohol at airports, Uber developing new technology, and rum on the rise. Read more in the June alcohol news roundup.Read more

#Trainwine and “barmaids in the sky”: why are alcohol and travel so tied up in each other?

This year's Alcohol Concern Cymru conference is on the subject of alcohol and travel. But why are the two so closely linked?Read more

Fancy a Sober Summer?

21 June marks the official start of summer - hooray! But that also means the end of Sober Spring. What next? If you like your life with less alcohol, this is the blog for you: Catherine Gray talks us through how to manage a Sober (or more sober) Summer.Read more

The beautiful, beer-filled game

As the FIFA World Cup kicks off in Moscow on 14 June, the relationship between alcohol and football is again under scrutiny.Read more

#DryEighteen: Why did I do it?

Alcohol has been a part of Rob's life for a long time - sometimes a big part. But for 2018 he and a friend decided to ditch the booze - for a whole year.Read more

News roundup: May 2018

A national alcohol strategy, problems for the alcohol treatment sector and new consumption figures from the Office of National Statistics. Read more in the May alcohol news roundup.Read more

Drinking in pregnancy: how should the guidance work?

How should advice on alcohol and pregnancy be communicated? This seems like a simple question, but a new study has found that the reality is more complex.Read more

Mental health and alcohol: Graham's story

To mark Mental Health Awareness Week, read Graham's story about alcohol and his mental health.Read more

News roundup: April 2018

New funding for children with alcohol dependent parents, the rise of non-drinking and a new large-scale study on alcohol and health. Read more in the April 2018 news roundup.Read more

Alcohol treatment: Time for action

The alcohol treatment sector is facing acute challenges. On 1 May 2018 politicians, service providers, researchers and charities met in the Houses of Parliament to set out the key challenges facing the sector, and how Government might address them.Read more

Top tips for your second month of Sober Spring

Check out some of author Catherine Gray's top books and podcasts for seeing you through a fabulous second month of Sober Spring.Read more

Alcohol treatment: what is it and why does it matter?

On 1 May 2018 we released new research, which finds that the alcohol treatment sector is in crisis. But what do we mean by ‘treatment’?Read more

MUP begins in Scotland: Looking to the future

On 1 May 2018 the Scottish Government introduced a minimum unit price for alcohol. What does this mean for Scotland and the rest of the UK?Read more

We welcome vital new funding for children of alcohol dependent parents. Now let’s do more

The Government has announced £6m of funding to help children with alcohol dependent parents. Read our response.Read more

Is alcohol good for your heart?

Dr James Nicholls looks at the recent Lancet study on alcohol and heart health, looking to answer that recurring question: is alcohol good for your heart?Read more

Running, cranberries and other alcohol myths

Read the latest musings of alcohol counsellor Lauren Booker.Read more

News roundup: March 2018

Minimum Unit Pricing in Scotland and Wales, cuts to services, new research and much more.Read more

Review: Alcohol-free and low alcohol beer

Don't fancy alcohol but really fancy a beer? Our taste-testers present to you some of the best low alcohol and alcohol-free beers out there.Read more

Gambling and alcohol: the odds are stacked

Mark Leyshon discusses the emerging relationship between problematic gambling and heavy drinking, and considers what we can do to change the odds.Read more

Alcohol and parenting: children and teenagers

There’s so much confusing information around alcohol and parenting that parents can find it difficult to know what to do for the best. Here's what the evidence says.Read more

Alcohol, now you’re a parent

Are you a new parent? We’ve put together evidence-based advice and suggestions to help you make informed decisions about alcohol and your baby.Read more

My stepfather, alcohol and me

"You had the most dazzling of smiles that could light up a room. I wrote that in the tribute booklet for your funeral service." Emma-Jane shares her and her stepfather's story.Read more