Running, cranberries and other alcohol myths

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News roundup: March 2018

Minimum Unit Pricing in Scotland and Wales, cuts to services, new research and much more.Read more

Review: Alcohol-free and low alcohol beer

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Gambling and alcohol: the odds are stacked

Mark Leyshon discusses the emerging relationship between problematic gambling and heavy drinking, and considers what we can do to change the odds.Read more

Alcohol and parenting: children and teenagers

There’s so much confusing information around alcohol and parenting that parents can find it difficult to know what to do for the best. Here's what the evidence says.Read more

Alcohol, now you’re a parent

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My stepfather, alcohol and me

"You had the most dazzling of smiles that could light up a room. I wrote that in the tribute booklet for your funeral service." Emma-Jane shares her and her stepfather's story.Read more

Here comes Sober Spring

Catherine Gray, author of 'The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober', tells us all about Sober Spring: a 93-day break from booze.Read more

Alcohol-free drinks: let’s get things clear

Dr James Nicholls gives us the low down on the need for better regulations around alcohol-free drinks, and the Parliamentarians calling for change.Read more

Jade plummets for Paul

In 2017 Jade lost her brother to alcohol. Now she's taking on a challenge to help others like him and their families. Read on to find out how she jumped out of her comfort zone... and a plane.Read more

‘Wet February’ and beyond

Social media is awash with memes encouraging us to binge-drink now that Dry January is done. Author Catherine Gray gives three tips for dealing with the pro-alcohol pressure.Read more

New research: Family life in recovery

Recovery from alcohol or drug dependency is not a journey taken alone. New research funded by Alcohol Research UK explores this in detail.Read more

Cut down or cut out?

Dry or not dry? That is the question. Read advice from alcohol counsellor Lauren Booker.Read more

Welcome to the blog

Welcome to our blog on all things alcohol.Read more