Some people go into Dry January thinking it will be a breeze and then find unexpected difficulties along the way. If you’d like some help to get a grip on your drinking or to stop altogether there’s a lot out there – and you deserve this support.

Below are some of the places you can find help and advice, in order to take control over your relationship with alcohol and improve your health. 

Audit tool

If you think you may be drinking too much, you can use our audit tool to give you an idea how healthy your drinking is. 

If your AUDIT score is 15 or more, you may wish to seek support, as you could benefit from cutting back

If your AUDIT score is 20 or more, you are at risk of alcohol dependence and we would strongly advise you to speak to your GP or local alcohol service as soon as possible, to find out about your options for reducing your drinking. If this is the case, Dry January isn't for you as cutting alcohol out altogether could be dangerous.

Your GP

If you're worried about your drinking, or even just curious, book an appointment with your GP and have a chat with them. They can offer confidential advice and support to make some lasting changes, and help you feel in tip-top condition again.

Alcohol services near you

If you are struggling with alcohol, you need and deserve support. Alcohol services range from support groups to residential treatment. Use our online directory to see what alcohol services are available near you. You can find out about alcohol treatment here.

Our Facebook group

You can take a look at our Facebook community, or for more support join the Dry January and Beyond group.

What if someone you know is struggling with alcohol?

You can support them to find help using the resources above. But there is also support available to you: harmful drinking can cause significant issues not only for the alcohol user, but also members of their family. If you are affected by someone else's drinking you need and deserve support.

Find out about the support available to you here

No matter how big or small you consider your alcohol problem to be, it is always better to reach out for support rather than suffer in silence. Get the help you need today, and address your relationship with alcohol.

Thank you Dry January!

As you probably know by now, Dry January is run by the charity Alcohol Concern. We work all year round to reduce the harms that alcohol can cause, by doing research, campaigning and offering support.

Do you feel better after Dry January? Or is all that cash you saved not drinking burning a hole in your pocket? Anything you donate, big or small, helps us work to save and improve lives.

Donate now.

Why Alcohol Concern?

Every hour, someone in the UK dies as a result of alcohol. And it’s not just those who drink too much who suffer; alcohol is a factor in 1 in 5 of children in need of social care in England, and costs the NHS an estimated £3.5 billion each year. Find out more here.