You’ve had a month off. Maybe you’ve missed the booze, maybe you haven’t but now you feel it’s time to resume your usual drinking patterns.

Your brain may be saying, “Let’s go out and have a few drinks” – but your body has just got used to being booze-free. When you start to drink again, your tolerance (how much alcohol you can drink without becoming ill/hungover/drunk) will be reduced, so bear this in mind for February.

Here are a few tips to help you through February and beyond:   

  • Pace yourself when you start drinking again. Try having a glass of water with or between your drinks; it can help slow you down, and rehydrate you.

  • Avoid drinking just because there’s alcohol available. Choose the drinks you really want and savour them. And if you are drinking on an occasion, you don’t have to stick to alcohol the whole time. Have non-alcoholic drinks too!

  • Try using our online AUDIT tool to check your usual drinking, seeing how many units it adds up to.

  • Don’t wait until next year if you would like to try another week or month without alcohol. You can use your Dry January & Beyond app to help.

  • … or just keep using the app to keep track of your drinking! We can often drink more than we think we are or really mean to, and the app can be a useful way to keep tabs. If you haven’t yet, download it here.

Thank you Dry January!

As you probably know by now, Dry January is run by the charity Alcohol Concern. We work all year round to reduce the harms that alcohol can cause, by doing research, campaigning and offering support.

Do you feel better after Dry January? Or is all that cash you saved not drinking burning a hole in your pocket? Anything you donate, big or small, helps us work to save and improve lives.

Donate now.

Why Alcohol Concern?

Every hour, someone in the UK dies as a result of alcohol. And it’s not just those who drink too much who suffer; alcohol is a factor in 1 in 5 of children in need of social care in England, and costs the NHS an estimated £3.5 billion each year. Find out more here.