If you've been following Dry January or Alcohol Concern, or if you've explored our website, then you've probably at least heard about the Dry January & Beyond App. You might be wondering what this app is all about, and what you can use it for, especially now that Dry January is almost here. The app makes a great companion for your Dry January, and is also a fab way to keep track of your relationship with alcohol beyond January. The app has LOTS of features that you may find helpful.

Progress calendar

The Dry January & Beyond App features a calendar which you can use to track your progress and record which days you stayed dry (awesome!) and which days you may have had a minor slip-up (there's always tomorrow!). Not only is it satisfying to look back and see how many days you stayed dry during the month, but recording your progress can make it easier to stick to your goal!

Money saved tracker

When you download the Dry January & Beyond App, you can enter in your average drinking habits for the week or month (how many pints, glasses of wine, spirits/mixed drinks, etc. you drink). The app uses this information as well as your recorded progress calendar to tell you how much money you have saved by going dry. It adds up. For example, if you drink on average four pints of beer and three standard glasses of wine per week, then you would save about £102.60 by going dry for the month, and you'd know it thanks to the app!

Calories reduced tracker

Similarly to the money saved tracker, when you enter in your average drinks per week the Dry January & Beyond App will calculate how many calories you usually drink per week. It will display this information on the homepage next to the amount of money you've saved. Using the previous example of four pints and three glasses of wine, you would save 4032 calories by going dry. Every time you open the app you'll get two strong reminders of how you can benefit from going dry. If you need just a bit more motivation then don't worry. We'll have you covered with...

Motivational messages and support

Make no mistake, going dry for a month can be challenging. Temptations to drink are everywhere. Whether it's friends and co-workers on a trip to the pub, wanting to let loose on a night out, or a stressful day at work, there are countless things in our lives that might make us want to reach for a drink. To help you stick with staying dry for the month, the Dry January & Beyond App will send you motivational messages and support, in the form of push notifications. The app is designed to help you through Dry January, as well as enhance the experience. 

Articles, tips, and updates

When you download the app you'll be able to read all of the articles, tips and news updates that we post. You might read an article about someone's past Dry January experiences, tips on how to stay dry for the month, ideas for how to use all that time you're not spending drinking or hungover, and updates from the Dry January team. You can also read all of the past articles that we have posted!

The Dry January & Beyond app is an incredible resource for Dry January (and beyond!). You can download the app to your Apple mobile device here and to your Android mobile device here.