We spoke to Ron who took part in Dry January 2016 to see what his motivations were and why he’s going to be taking part in Dry January 2017...

Once the Christmas period was over, I took the opportunity to get on top of my fitness and health and take part in Dry January as part of a general lifestyle change. It was a great time to revaluate my relationship with alcohol. I had got into the habit of having those couple glasses of wine a few nights a week and wanted to take a break and focus on my health.

Taking part in Dry January I felt the positive effects throughout the month, not only had I shed a few pounds and felt in better health I had also managed to save a bit of money – bonus. I decided to do it with a friend, which was a great help and we egged each other on through the month. After the month was up I gradually ended up having those couple of drinks through the week again but I’m going to take on Dry January 2017 to kick the booze again for the month as I felt the benefits from this year!

We'll be keeping touch with Ron for Dry January 2017, he'll be feeding back to us how he's doing! 

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