This Dry January story comes from Rachel who took part in Dry January 2016 – having given up the booze for 30 days she found she was enjoying the benefits so much she would continue! By choosing to change her diet alongside her giving up booze she’s lost 55lbs altogether!

Here’s what Rachel had to say...

“I drank WAY too much on NYE and had quite frankly been drinking too much throughout the year. I knew I needed to take a break from alcohol but I wasn't entirely sure it was something I was capable of.  

When I first started, my intention was just to stop drinking for the 30 days. However, after day one, I decided I may as well change my eating habits as well, as I was quite overweight. I stayed dry for the entire month of January and decided to continue on into February and part of March as I was quickly dropping weight and feeling to much better mentally, physically and my skin had cleared up significantly.

Dry January has changed my life in ways I couldn't have previously imagined. I taught myself I don't need to have a dependence on alcohol and I AM able to not drink. I highly suggest anyone who has ever thought it might be a good idea to give drinking "a break," give Dry January a try. What have you got to lose?”