We spoke to Nicola about her experience of Dry January, here's what she had to say...

"I decided to give up for a number of reasons.  I wasn’t an alcoholic or anything but I did feel I was drinking too much.  It was the binge drinking at the weekend that was particularly getting me down.  The hangovers were getting worse too.  It sometimes took 3 days to recover! I think the main reason I decided to give up though was because I’m the lead vocalist of a band and this was getting more serious. 

I’ve always been jealous of those people with an “off” button – those who knew they had drunk enough and it was time to stop.  It’s not something that I’ve ever had and I couldn’t change that.  There were times I would wake up in the morning not really remembering the events of the night before and I hated that feeling.

To be honest I had my doubts as to whether I would do it and the first few weeks were quite tough, especially after work on a Friday which was the time I liked the most to have a drink.  But I basically blocked the thought from my mind and found a way to just not think about it. 

January came and went and I decided to carry on.  I ended up amazing myself.  February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October and now November! I can’t actually believe I have nearly done a whole year!  I’m quite proud of myself.

After going this long without alcohol, I can honestly say I don’t ever want it back in my life and I hope I don’t drink again.  I feel better in myself and the band has gone from strength to strength!  I’ve got so much confidence now and I’ve realised I don’t need alcohol.

If you are thinking about giving up – stop thinking about it and do it.  If it’s what you really want then just block it from your mind.  Forget about it.  Go out and live life.  I thoroughly recommend it!"