I am lucky enough to work and fundraise for Alcohol Concern, the UK’s leading alcohol charity. Alcohol Concern is the charity behind the highly successful, global campaign, Dry January. Maybe you have just completed it. The reason why I believe giving to Alcohol Concern is a great decision is because of its compelling vision, a world where alcohol does no harm. Imagine that!

Every year, Dry January gives the UK a glimpse of what this might be like. The impact of cutting out the booze is staggering.

"I was quickly dropping weight and feeling so much better mentally and physically, and my skin had cleared up significantly."

"I did Dry January as a healthier lifestyle change and to convey to myself and others there is no reason to have alcohol in your system and you feel better without it as well as saving money"

As you can see from these testimonials, Dry January is helping people and society re-evaluate their relationship with alcohol. It's about breaking the habit of opening a bottle every night. It's about proving that you can go to the pub without needing to overindulge. It's about proving to yourself that you're an amazing person even without a drink inside you. It’s about reducing the public resources spent sorting out problems caused by excess drinking.  It’s about alcohol not being the norm in all our social occasions and cultural celebrations.

From the start of Dry January five years go (read the full story here), we have come a long way, from how individuals are supported and in the way our society thinks about alcohol . Now Dry January participants get daily support via email throughout January, the choice to download a free app to help them track their dry  challenge and count the calories and the money they  save. 1 in 6 people in the UK go dry in January, and the non alcoholic drinks industry is booming resulting in major investment to developing delicious non alcoholic  drinks to meet  the demand.

Dry January’s success and has made us ambitious for the future; if we have done this in 5 years, what more can be achieved. We want to gather together people who want to make a bigger commitment to the vision of a world where alcohol does not harm. We invite you to join us by making a donation that will help us

  • Offer a year round service to let those trying to make a more permanent change and support each other whatever the month. E.g. Dry Year
  • Collect the fantastic questions and answers from our Expert Panel sessions on the Facebook page in to helpful videos and guides for those trying to cut down.
  • Help us reach more people than ever next year so that they can feel the benefits too.
  • To explore working with other alcohol charities in other countries to make Dry January a truly Global Campaign

So if you feel great, want to say thank you, and want to commit further,  donate £10 from the money you saved by not drinking in January, or half of it or all of it, it all counts to Alcohol Concern.

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Thank you for reading my blog. If you want to contact me about getting more involved in our awesome charity, email me at [email protected]