Here Charlie Satow gives us a guest blog with an insight into the best bars in London for Dry January-ers!

 Who says Dry January has to be boring? While many sober souls will hibernate their way to the finish line, it doesn’t have to be that way. You can put your health first and still have a social life.

 That’s because more and more pubs and bars are taking note of the thousands choosing to go dry for January and beyond, and have upped their non-alcoholic drinks game as a result. So it’s out with the sugary sodas (why drop the booze to lose your teeth?) and in with the alcohol-free chocolate milk stout. Yes, that really exists.

 At Club Soda we seek out the best places for mindful drinkers. Our new online guide ( can tell you where to find delicious teetotal tipples in Hackney and the City and with your help, we want to go nationwide this year. Below we’ve picked out some of our favourites places across the capital so you can really put your Dry January ambitions to the test.


  1. The Draft House, Chancery Lane

A craft beer house with a cutting edge vibe and admirable array of alcohol-free beers, strange and wonderful. Try the Big Drop Milk Stout or Paulaner Hefe-Weissbier.

  1. Electricity Showrooms, Shoreditch

 A great building with a large selection of low and non-alcoholic options, including Brewdog’s hoppy and low-calorie Nanny State. They also stock Nix&Kix sodas - grown up soft drinks with a Cayenne kick. You can even join other Dry January-ers for a Mindful Pub Crawl starting there on 19th January.

  1. Stoke Newington Tea House, Stoke Newington

 Here, the only option has to be a ‘taegerbomb’ - this pub stocks a hundred different types of tea. And dog beer. What’s not to like?

  1. Charlottes W5, Ealing

 Homemade non-alcoholic wine alternatives, a massive list of alcohol-free concoctions lovingly created by Fredi their head bartender and an exclusive low-alcohol beer list curated by expert Melissa Cole, and all options nice and visible in the menu. It is a favourite venue for Club Soda social events.

  1. Grain Store, Kings Cross

 The Grain Store has a spectacular selection that varies by season. Try the French Blonde, their version of a non-alcoholic white wine made with grape juice, elderflower cordial, lemongrass & verjus. Or the Roman Redhead, a non-alcoholic red wine take on the French Blonde. A real pioneer when it comes to all drinks non-alcoholic.


And if you’re not in London? JD Wetherspoons, Stonegate pubs, and All Bar One generally have good non-alcoholic options. But why not take the true Dry January spirit to your own local. Scout out what they’ve got under the bar. If it is good suggest they join the guide and if it’s not what you want, tell ‘em so!