Dry January doesn't have to make you blue. Nix & Kix have shared the best days out in London that you can do whilst taking part in Dry January!

1) Nature hit at London Zoo 

There's no denying that Christmas is often a time of eating and drinking everything in sight. If you're like us, you'll be needing a detox amongst nature. On your way round London Zoo you could visit their new wildlife garden, where you can expect to find mini-beast hotels, lily pad frogs and even a tiny highway for hedgehogs.

2) Sober pub crawl

Like us, the guys at Club Soda are passionate about mindful drinking and exploring new ways to enjoy soft drinks. Join likeminded people and make your way round three awesome bars alcohol-free! AND the first drink is free. Check it out here.

If you're not one for organised fun, check some of London's best dry bars, like Redemption and Trader Vic's.

3) Yoga at Pop Brixton

The famous pop-up is opening again in January, and hosting a number of different wellness and yoga sessions - from Hatha Flow to Laughter yoga. This is how you do Dry January in style! 

4) Board game cafe life

Sip some tea, eat some biscuits and play some board games at one of London's board game cafes. Some of these cafes have over 600 games to choose from - enough to keep you busy!

Check out, Candid Cafe, Scooter Caffe, Ziferblat and Droughts for more info.

5) Morning rave 

Morning rave you say? We didn't believe it first either, but events run by the likes of Dry Breaker and Morning Gloryville have been becoming more popular over the last couple of years. They say that sober dancing is downright scientifically proven to be good for you. It releases all those happy chemicals that help keep you energised and joyful throughout the day. Check them out, you might even bump into us at one! 

Nix & Kix are all about creating healthy drinks but without impacting the taste, and they add a little kick of cayenne that gives them a little extra sparkle. The drinks are low calorie with no added sugar and a great alternative to alcohol, the perfect excuse not to drink.

Whatever you do this Dry January, make sure you're #cayennehappy.  For more information about Nix & Kix, check out their website.