The 2016 Alcohol Awareness Week will run from 14th to 20th November.

It’s estimated that the cost of alcohol on society costs £21billion. The aim of Alcohol Awareness Week is to get people thinking about alcohol – how it affects us as individuals, families, communities and society as a whole.

Who can take part?

Anyone! The week is a fantastic opportunity for many different organisations to take part:

  • Local authorities
  • NHS organisations
  • Emergency services
  • Treatment services
  • Schools, colleges, universities
  • Workplaces

Dry January

Following on from our successful first ever Dry January in 2012, we will be encouraging people to sign up for the fourth Dry January campaign in 2016. Alcohol Awareness Week is a great opportunity to start the conversation and encourage people to sign up. More information and resources can be found at

What’s happening?

It is up to individual organisations to decide what activity suits them best. Alcohol Concern hosted our annual conference on Tuesday 17th November. It was a great day, so thanks to all those who came along!

Materials available

We’ll be putting together some Alcohol Awareness packs for a bit nearer the time. Make sure you sign up to the Newsletter to be the first to hear when these are ready. Alternatively you can download the following here:


To give you some local statistics, you can use our Alcohol Harm Map.

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