Alcohol Concern has a number of different campaigns running throughout the year in England and Wales. They are all designed to reduce the harm caused by alcohol misuse, raise awareness and encourage behaviour change.

Our campaigns involve trying to encourage policy changes at a national level around alcohol. This includes showing politicians the evidence base supporting the need for minimum unit pricing and persuading the government that alcohol needs to be treated as a public health issue. We are a leading member of the Alcohol Health Alliance UK and strive to make changes to the law regarding alcohol.

We also work to empower young people to think critically about the role alcohol may play in their own lives and to support them to take action – through It’s the Drink Talking and the Youth Alcohol Advertising Council. On top of that, we run campaigns to raise awareness and behaviour change, like Alcohol Awareness Week and Dry January. The aim of these campaigns is to develop new conversations about alcohol and to support people to make positive changes.

Our Ten Campaign Goals

Campaign Asks

Find out the 10 main goals we're campaigning towards to help reduce the harm caused by alcohol.

Alcohol awareness week

This year’s Alcohol Awareness Week runs from 17th to 23rd November.

Minimum unit pricing

Alcohol Concern has been working tirelessly to try and introduce minimum unit pricing for alcoholic drinks.

Young People

Alcohol Concern is proud of the work it does with young people on alcohol issues.