What's the damage? Negative health consequences of alcohol misuse in Wales

The results of a survey by Alcohol Concern Cymru show that many people in Wales remain ill-informed about the possible effects of alcohol on their health, and about what is sensible drinking.

Broken wine glass Alcohol Concern Cymru commissioned a telephone survey of 1,000 drinkers in Wales.  Amongst the main findings were:

Around half of respondents said they did not know the recommended daily maximum number of units of alcohol for a man or a woman

More than half were unable to correctly recall the number of units in either a standard pint of beer/lager or a standard glass of wine

Although 84% knew that liver disease was often directly linked to alcohol, 78% failed to mention the link between alcohol and cancer.

In response to the survey Alcohol Concern said that "we clearly need to do more to inform the public about sensible drinking and the dangers associated with excessive consumption".  Alcohol Concern also recommends:

  • The number of units in each individual drink should be prominently displayed, ideally on the front of the packaging. Labels should also include a cigarette style health warning.
  • Information about units, recommended guideline amounts, and risks to health should be prominently displayed wherever alcohol is sold.
  • A minimum price per unit of alcohol should be set, in line with the recommendations of the UK's Chief Medical Officers. This should be implemented at an England and Wales level; however, if progress cannot be made in this regard, Alcohol Concern supports moves to devolve the necessary powers to the National Assembly for Wales.

Download a copy of the report below.  A copy of this report is also available in Welsh.

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