A losing bet? Alcohol and gambling: investigating parallels and shared solutions

A report jointly published by Alcohol Concern Cymru and the Royal College of Psychiatrists (RCPysch) in Wales breaks new ground by considering alcohol and gambling, and the harms each can cause, side-by-side.

The report takes a close look at gambling and its parallels with alcohol, including:
•  How the rules governing both industries have been liberalised in the UK in the last few years

•  The growth of female-targeted marketing

•  The links between problematic gambling and heavy drinking.
It argues that public health practitioners who specialise in, or encounter problematic gambling, can learn lessons from approaches adopted in the alcohol field to limit alcohol misuse and protect communities from harm, including imposing tougher restrictions on marketing, and decreasing availability.
The report also includes the findings of small snapshot survey of substance misuse services users in Wales. One in six respondents who had sought help for alcohol misuse admitted that they had experienced problems with gambling, and 94 per cent agreed that addiction treatment services should consider providing treatment for gambling addiction.

Download a copy of the report below.  A copy of this report is also available in Welsh.