Past successes

Our evolving programme of projects leaves a legacy of information and good practice in the field of alcohol support. Find out more about our past successes.

Family Training Project

Alcohol Concern's Family Training Project was a two year England-wide training programme funded by the Department of Education. The training was designed to equip practitioners with the skills to work effectively with children and families affected by parental alcohol misuse.

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Embrace was the Alcohol Concern children, families and domestic abuse project, which spent three years developing the Embrace Model within nine adult alcohol services across the country. Funded by the Big Lottery Fund Embrace initially worked with these nine sites to develop a more family-focused approach to their clients and to take account of domestic violence and abuse throughout their work.

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The Hub of Commissioned Alcohol Projects and Policies (HubCAPP) was an online resource of local alcohol initiatives. HubCAPP highlighted the different ways that local areas are implementing alcohol interventions across England and had examples from a variety of settings and across different population groups.  The project concluded in the summer of 2010.

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SMART Recovery Project

Alcohol Concern's SMART Recovery project was a two year project that established and developed new peer support groups based on the SMART Recovery model throughout England.  The project concluded in March 2010.

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