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Alcohol Concern respond to latest Smoking, Drink and Drug statistics

Date: 23.07.15

Tom Smith, Head of Policy at Alcohol Concern, said: “It’s encouraging to see the downward drift in the number of young people who have ever drunk, but those that drink are drinking more than last year. Looking at the broader picture it’s a case of more alcohol down fewer throats. “Alcohol continues to be the... Read more

Alcohol Concern announced as a Charity Times Awards finalist

Date: 21.07.15

Alcohol Concern are delighted to have been shortlisted for the PR Team of the Year at this year’s Charity Times Awards. Jackie Ballard, Chief Executive of Alcohol Concern, said: “Our team is very small but they have big ambitions, so it’s a real achievement to be nominated for PR Team of the Year. “Because of... Read more

Charity highlights evidence around the link between alcohol and dementia

Date: 17.07.15

Alcohol Concern have published a new factsheet reviewing the evidence that regular excessive drinking increases the risk of the most common forms of dementia, such as Alzheimer’s and vascular dementia. Long term heavy alcohol consumption is linked with the development of ‘alcohol-related dementia’; a broad set of dementia-like symptoms which can include problems with memory,... Read more

Reducing the beer belly can reduce risk of diabetes

Date: 19.06.15

A new factsheet from Alcohol Concern, released during Diabetes Week on Thursday 18 June, looks at the increasing risk alcohol has on diabetes. Diabetes is a condition that causes people’s blood sugar level to become too high. This can be either because their body can’t produce enough insulin, a chemical in the body which lowers... Read more

The stigma of alcohol addiction

Date: 5.06.15

Jackie Ballard, Chief Executive of Alcohol Concern and a former Parliamentary colleague of Charles Kennedy said: “There is still a great deal of stigma around alcohol addiction, which can affect people from all walks of life and social standing. “Hopefully, the love and affection following Charles’ tragic and too early death can remove some of... Read more

New factsheet highlights risk of hypertension with regular drinking

Date: 18.05.15

A new factsheet from Alcohol Concern, released on Monday 18 May, looks at the increasing risk alcohol has on hypertension. Hypertension, a form of continued high blood pressure, is a condition experienced by more than one in four adults in the England, with alcohol being a major contributory factor in its development. Regularly drinking alcohol... Read more