At Alcohol Concern, we understand that drinking can impact on your life in many different ways. It might be that you are struggling with alcohol yourself, or perhaps someone you know and care about appears to be in trouble.

Understanding how many units you’re consuming or realising that alcohol can cause unhealthy weight gain may make you want to change your drinking habits. You can make informed choices and start to make positive changes to your lifestyle, limiting the impact that alcohol has on you and the people around you.

Having access to the right help and advice can make the world of difference, so we try to inform you as much as possible and give you all the advice you need to tackle alcohol-related problems. Whether that’s working out exactly how much you’re drinking, the impact it’s having on your body or which local services can help you, you’ll find everything you need to know here.

Local services directory

Whether you think you need help with your drinking or you just simply want to talk to someone about your concerns, you’ll find all the relevant contact information here.

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How your donation helps

Every single penny that you donate to Alcohol Concern makes a huge difference.

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We frequently release factsheets that are packed with the essential information on topics surrounding alcohol.

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Statistics on alcohol

There are statistics on alcohol released every year which help us to create reports and bust any myths at the same time.

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Help and advice with your drinking

Your alcohol consumption could be affecting you in a number of different ways that you didn’t even realise.

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