Alcohol Awareness Week

Alcohol Awareness Week 2013 runs from 18-24 November


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This year's theme:  Conversations about alcohol

Last year's Alcohol Awareness Week encouraged people to start to talk about alcohol - about the health risks, social problems, how alcohol is everywhere in society. This year we want to encourage the same flexibility with Alcohol Awareness Week allowing local areas to use this theme to suit their priorities. We will also be highlighting the importance of Identification and Brief Advice (IBA) in tackling alcohol misuse.

Following on from our succesful first ever Dry January in 2013, we will be encouraging people to sign up for the challenge again in 2014. From AAW people will be able to sign up either as an individual or a team to give up drinking for a month. We’re going to ask people to pledge money or get sponsored to motivate them to stick at the challenge. We’ll also be providing people with tips and information on cutting down and how this will help their health, sleeping patterns and general wellbeing.

Download the Alcohol Awareness Week 2013 Resource Pack here

'Hair of the dog' alcohol fact materials

Download our Hair of the Dog alcohol fact materials to get the conversation started...

Hair of the Dog alcohol facts display sheet


Hair of the Dog alcohol facts display cards


Hair of the dog conversation cards for your printer

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Colour, single-sided

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