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Our campaigns aim to raise awareness about alcohol misuse in England and Wales, through engagement with politicians, professionals and the public. Our campaigns focus on both alcohol-related issues, such as the price of alcohol, improving treatment services or product labelling, or they can be aimed at certain population groups, for example young people or children affected by parental drinking.

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Alcohol Concern lobbies decision makers for effective alcohol policy and improved services for people whose lives are affected by alcohol-related problems. Find out more about our work in Parliament.

We also work with other bodies and charities to share information and propose evidence-based solutions to reduce alcohol harm. We are a member of the Alcohol Health Alliance UK, along with medical bodies, patient representatives, charities and alcohol health campaigners.

'Hair of the dog' alcohol fact materials

Download our Hair of the Dog alcohol fact materials to enlighten people on some of the harm caused by alcohol misuse.

Hair of the Dog alcohol facts display sheet


Hair of the Dog alcohol facts display cards


Hair of the dog conversation cards for your printer

Colour, double-sided

Colour, single-sided

Mono, double-sided

Mono, single sided