14 - 20 November 2016

What's the theme?

In January 2016, the guidance around recommended limits of alcohol was updated by the CMO. The new guidance states that the limits for both men and women are the same – 2-3 units a day, with alcohol-free days during the week. The guidance also highlighted how there is no safe level of alcohol.

The theme of Alcohol Awareness Week 2016 will look focus on alcohol and health, and knowing the risks associated with alcohol.

Monday 14th November – Alcohol and cancer  

Tuesday 15th November – Alcohol and depression

Wednesday 16th November – Alcohol and dementia

Thursday 17th November – Alcohol and breast cancer

Friday 18th November – Alcohol and diabetes

Saturday 19th November  - Alcohol and hypertension

Sunday 20th November – Alcohol and brain damage

Download your guide to Alcohol Awareness Week 2016 here.

Infographics are also available for you to use - download them here.